Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Collaboration with Wijnand Steemers

Poems inspired by the photographs in Classic Mode: A Reverie
 by Gregg Simpson, New Arcadia Publishing, Vancouver, 2008

Translated from the original Dutch by the author

Not in a lotus position on the carpet at home, not

in a buddhist monastery or during a yoga session, not

on a bank with a view at a park or sea, not

in the seventh heaven of a long-lasting orgasm, not

at the toilet or at the dentist's waitingroom reading magazines, not

to the roadside to take a rest from a long drive, not

during the reading of a good poem, nor this one, not

at the back of the ship of the desert, not

on a air bed, bobbing up and down an austrian lake, not

certainly not, perhaps, no, maybe, not at all, not

after the silence of a lost football match, not

standing before these solemn pillars, no, probably not

but in our improperly long-lasting stare at this stone globe, oh yes

when the gods had stopped to play at marbles

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